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Masons of the greater Seattle area.

 Brick and stone are returning as popular architectural and design elements. From patios, walkways, and chimneys, to fireplaces, columns, and interior accents, brick, and stone add beauty and strength. Cyclops Masonry specializes in fine residential masonry, blending top-of-the-line materials with expert craftsmanship to create a first-class look for fine homes at an affordable price.  

What We Offer 

Chimneys & Pillars

The Cyclops​

We are artisans who work with brick and stone. Like the Cyclops of ancient Greek lore who were said to have created the impossible stone monuments (some that still stand today), we create breathtaking work with superior longevity, use due to using no heavy equipment, we have minimal site impact.

With our collapsible hoist, (fittingly named "The Cyclops"), we can set half-ton stones with precision, leaving scarcely a footprint behind.

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